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Driver category:Drivers / Sharing driver / PowerVault Storage 770N(Deskside NAS Appliance)

Added:2008-9-19 10:19:06

Updated Time:2008-9-19 10:19:06

Add Driver:yanli

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LSI Logic PERC3/DCL Descritpion:

Custom Instructions for perc-cerc-w2k3-

This is a self-extracting package of the Windows 2003 device driver installation diskette for PERC 4/DC, 4/SC, 3/QC, 3/DC, 3/DCL, 3/SC, CERC ATA100/4CH, PERC 4/Di, PERC 4e/Di, PERC4e/Si and PERC 4e/DC.

To build the installation diskette, execute the package, directing its output to an empty formatted diskette.

Refer to the readme file perc-cerc-w2k3- for further driver installation instructions.

Updating an Existing Window 2003 Driver

Perform the following steps to update the Windows driver for the RAID controller already installed on your system.

NOTE: It is important that you idle your system before you update the driver.

1. Press Start > Control Panel > System. The System Properties screen displays.
2. Click on the Hardware tab.
3. Click the Device Manager and the Device Manager screen displays.
4. Click SCSI and RAID Controllers.
5. Double-click the RAID controller for which you want to update the driver.
6. Click the Driver tab and click on Update Driver. The screen for the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard displays.
7. Insert the appropriate driver diskette.
8. Click Next.
9. Follow the steps in the Wizard to search the diskette for the driver.
10. Select the name of the driver.
11. Click Next and continue the installation steps in the Wizard.
12. Click Finish to exit the wizard and reboot the system for the changes to take place.



Download System Size



75 KB

LSI Logic PERC3/DCL free download

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